16 January

Hot Ways to Survive Your Quarter Life Crisis

Turning 25 can actually be a scary thing. You are no longer in college and probably are also done with grad school. You are expected to be an adult, but at the same time you may still have to deal with things that people in their early twenties have to deal with like roommates and a car that is kind of a piece of junk. There are great ways to move on from the party days of your early twenties, to the increased responsibility of your upper twenties and early thirties, without giving up your youth.

One way to really move on from your college days is to move into your own place. For some young people with nicer jobs, you may even be able to save up to buy a house or condo. Even if you can’t afford to buy, you can often afford to get a place of your own at this stage, even if it is just a studio. While more expensive, having your own place has a lot of advantages like having way more privacy to not having to worry another person may ditch you on paying the bills. If you think you are ready to make the move, start by figuring out how much you can afford and which neighborhood you want to live in and then figure out a way to make it work.

DTLA Nissan-4-1

Owning your first new car is a way to graduate into adulthood. You don’t have to settle for a cheap compact or something with no soul just to keep your payments low though. For example, the Nissan Sentra from Gardena Nissan is a great car when you are starting out. With optional features like a navigation system and Bose sound system you will love your commute. With fantastic gas mileage, you will save money when you go to work. Best of all, the Sentra comes in at under $20,000, meaning you won’t be killed on your car payments either. To get a close look at the Sentra, go to www.downtownnissan.com.

DTLA Nissan-4-2

One great thing to do when you turn 25 is to start looking in to new hobbies that you may not have considered before. Don’t let your life be only work and leave you with no time for fun. Try discovering things that you wouldn’t have thought about before like brewing your own beer or going to yoga. One good thing about getting a little bit older is that you often have a little more money to burn, meaning you can give up the discount beer and discover a craft beer instead.

16 January

Downsizing While Still Having Fun

Most people wouldn’t believe it, but downsizing can actually make your life better and can actually be fun. In the era of people wanting bigger and bigger things, downsizing seem unimaginable for many. But there are so many advantages to it, that for many, it really makes a lot of sense.


Switching the McMansion for a smaller house or condo comes with a lot of plusses. The costs are usually much lower in general because you won’t have the high mortgage payment that you have with a larger home. You also can save a lot of money in heating and cooling bills if you don’t have a gigantic place. There are other advantages to having a smaller piece of property also such as easier cleaning and simpler lawn maintenance.


A smaller car can also have a lot of advantages, especially if you live or work in a city since it is easier to park and get around. With a small car such as the Fiat 500 Sport, available from www.ocfiat.com, you will have a fun little car which will help save you on gas and high car payments. The Fiat still comes with some really great perks though, such as a premium audio system and a well-designed interior. Find out more about the Fiat 500 Sport today at http://www.ocfiat.com.

Don’t forget to downsize your wardrobe as well. If you have a walk-in filled with clothes, it is probably time to thin your wardrobe out a bit. Not only will you get more closet space as a result, but you may also be able to get some money for selling the more expensive items online. For the items that aren’t worth as much, donating them to charity will help your things find a new home, possibly to someone who normally wouldn’t have been able to afford them. Donating your clothes also helps a great cause.

25 April

Enjoying Your Nissan

I’ve owned a Nissan since I was 16. It’s about twenty years later now and I’ve owned a couple more different Nissan models since. I’ve been very loyal to the company since they’ve been very loyal to me. Why should you check out Nissan in Puente Hills and Puente Hills Nissan? Well for starters, they are both amazing Nissan dealerships. They will offer you the best vehicles of your choice. Whether you are new to California or are switching from an old dealership, the Nissan dealerships in LaPuenteNissan.com and Riverside will help you find exactly what you are looking for! Ranges from all kinds of cars, including the Nissan Maxima, Altima, Cube, Rogue, Sentra, Xterra, 370Z, Armada, Leaf, Frontier and Murano. All of these cars have different mileage limits and different ways that you can either lease or purchase them. There are many different kinds of specials and deals going on at both dealerships and so it is advised that you visit both of them first before making a decision. Some specials include getting twenty percent off all car accessories, tire rotation deals, specials that include a discount package once you reach a certain amount of miles, packages that cost less because you have been a loyal customer and many more. Car dealerships are usually very welcoming and so you can feel free to bring your family along to help you make the big decision of what your next car is going to be. Regardless, after you purchase your new or used car, that should not be the last time that you visit the dealership. Often if you bring your car back and are a returning customer they will give you much better deals and discounts and help you take care of your new car. Once you have been with a certain car dealership (whether it’s in Puente Hills, Riverside or wherever) you have become a loyal customer and they really value your money and time. New customers come in all the time, but returning customers are what makes a dealership thrive with potential. The willingness to succeed and want for others to succeed as well. I love the Nissan company and hope that it continues manufacturing cars for a very long time.

31 March

Everyone Owns an Infiniti

I had been searching Infiniti Hacienda Heights for quite awhile and was getting tired of visiting all these different dealerships, not quite even knowing what I was looking for. All I really knew is that I wanted a Infiniti San Gabriel Valley of some sort since I had always been a customer to the company. San Bernardino has been great in helping me in this time of my life. I actually found out about infinitihaciendaheights.com and their dealership because of their assorted advertisements not only on television, but also from websites like Yelp and Yahoo. I went to this dealership with a friend of mine when we were both looking for cars, and so decided to check out San Bernardino used cars as a first try. We were very happy about our find and proceeded to take our business only here and not even check out any other dealerships that may have been in the area. Why spoil a good thing? My friend and I were not too sure of what used car we wanted, but we did know that it had to be affordable. I mean, I guess we should have guessed that as long as we were buying a used car that it would be affordable, but both of us had different price ranges so it was hard to determine exactly what was best to look at. Really the only thing we had in common was that we both liked Infiniti, so that is why we went to a Infiniti dealership. West Covina offered lots of used cars, including models like a 2010 Infiniti Sentra, 2011 Infiniti Murano, 2009 Infiniti Maxima, 2009 Infiniti Altima, 2010 Infiniti 370Z, 2008 Infiniti Rogue, and the 2011 Infiniti Altima Hybrid. I ended up going with the 2010 Infiniti Sentra and could not be happier with my decision. In my eyes it’s a fantastic car and it has taken me everywhere I need to go without any problems. My friend went with the ’09 Infiniti Maxima and as far as I am aware, he has not had any problems to date. He actually ended up going with another dealership, Metro Infiniti, but I still prefer San Bernardino to anything else. Of course I guess it would ultimately depend on where you live, but I don’t mind traveling the couple extra miles to make it to San Bernardino. Besides, I have a great car now so why not drive it? You can easily pimp out a Infiniti by doing just one thing. Add neon lights to the bottom. Why not?

31 March

So Your First Car is a Nissan

Palm Springs and Palm Springs Nissan dealerships. Tons of employees are available to help you find the exact car you’re looking for. Try the PalmSprings-Nissan.com dealership as well. Both offer great customer service and a wonderful selection of different Nissan models. No matter what you want, may it be a new Nissan Altima or an older version of the Nissan Cube, they’ve got you covered! As dealerships they know exactly what consumers are looking for when it comes to cars. They that you want both a great looking and great running car at an affordable price. They know that you expect outstanding customer service, and they know that you desire specials and deals all year round to help you afford care for your car. They keep all of this in mind while maintaining their business and paying their employees. The consumer is the most important part of any business, and so as all other car dealerships (and businesses) go, they really do work to satisfy you. If you walk into a car dealership with absolutely no clue as to what kind of car you want, the people who work there are trained to help you out. They will listen to your needs and tell you the best fit for not only your personality, but your financial situation as well. They aren’t going to push a 50K car on you if they know you can’t afford to go over 10K. They really do try to be both sensitive and helpful at the same time. Take their suggestions into consideration because you never know when they might have picked out the exact car that is right for you (and you may have never even heard about it!). Nissan car dealerships are constantly working to offer you the best selection of Nissan models and customer service. Going to L.A or Riverside for your next Nissan purchase is a great idea. If you are new to owning a car, I highly suggest trusting in a Nissan. Both the dealerships and the cars will be very good to you.